Building a Business from the Start (includes worksheets)

Are you finding it challenging to stick with one business idea, or is it that you struggle to come up with one?


What about your product/service is it unique enough to market?


Well, truth is, the start is always one of the toughest points in your business, so I am here to help you with some worksheets and a couple questions to test your motivation to be an entrepreneur.


It is tempting, the responsibility of ownership, more sick days, longer holidays, more time with family and better quality leisure time and holidays.


But ask any entrepreneur, that can take up to 3 years to achieve, providing you have the right start in business.

Entrepreneurship is filled with uncertainty but don’t let that hinder you from creating the life you desire, the value you need to provide, and the time you want to invest in a better future.
Business Worksheets

Write to me so you can edit from the pdf file.







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