1 of 3 of My Personal Pillars of Success

My idea of success is finding the work I love to do, and earning what I am worth to achieve the lifestyle I desire.


Success may mean different things for you but in today’s world of work, we do not always get job satisfaction and money is not the only reward people are seeking. What we seek as humans, is to be valued.


I remember that older therapist, grey-haired, introverted but pleasant that worked as a locum, whilst I was on training. The office environment at that time was toxic with change and the pressure to make talking therapies a payment-by-results scheme. I wanted out, because I was shouted at, saw others ridiculed and seen no repercussions for poor management. I heard British colleagues get ridiculed at meetings, and I thought, hey! I might be next – but like the old people say, “Monkey knows which tree to climb.”


I left soon after, and joined a recruitment agency, and thanks to THAT locum therapist , I started my own business a month after. After 30 minutes of 1 – 1 mentoring, I opened my business account, established my company and set off for contracts.


When I interviewed for contracts over the phone, I established rapport in minutes. I was prepared, but I often smiled over the phone, spoke clearly and assertively. When I spoke with patients, similarly I established an agenda, and offered reassurance.

To my prospective clients:

Establish connection before you meet.

Talking about your vulnerabilities with someone who you couldn’t see may fill you with fear and apprehension. I established my presence in writing before our call, with booklets on well-being, and a little about myself.

Embrace your differences.

I had a different accent, and whilst I feared it would make others uneasy, it did the opposite. Patients reported feeling at ease and motivated for the coaching therapy.

Establish an Alliance.

The mental health was targeted so I needed to ensure they were able to self-monitor – writing their thoughts down and tracking their moods and activities. They looked forward to reporting progress.

Show up and Share Content.

Later as a consultant, I showed up, and I met with other consultants. I met with recruitment consultants, managers of NHS practices and kept my clinical profile on LinkedIn. Stay visible, and share your content and experiences, so that others can learn from your insights.



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